Waste Week! 

Today Miss O’Malley and the Eco-Committee delivered an assembly to promote Waste Week! We talked all about our new project, which is up-cycling, and launched a competiton for all children to up-cycle something that is no longer wanted into something new!

All entries are to be brought into school by Friday 24th March, and then the Eco-Committee will then meet to choose the winners. The prize will be chosen by the Eco-Committee and will be very exciting!

Working Lunch

The Eco-Comittee met today to discuss the work that they had carried out last half term.

We agreed to continue monitoring the lights in every classroom at lunch time, and the energy readings across the school. We have also planned to launch a whole school competition to engage them in the Energy theme.

After our meeting, the Eco-Committee went around school and put up posters which they had made to remind the children to remember to put their fruit waste into the plastic bins.

Compost Bin Launch

Today was the launch of our new compost bins!

Miss O’Malley spoke in assembly and informed us that we will now be disposing of out fruit waste inside plastic containers, which will then be emptied into the school compost bin in our garden. Over time, all of the fruit waste will break down and turn into compost for us to re-use in our school.

Keep a look out for the posters made by our Eco-Committee to remind you!

Our Busy Working Lunch

The Eco-Committee met today at lunch time to discuss our current actions, and to complete the next step of our plan for this term.

Now that the ‘Switch-Off’ monitors for each class have been selected and are carrying out their roles, it was decided in our meeting today that starting next week we will keep a record of the classes that have their lights turned on or switched off during lunch times. We have selected different members of our committee to be in charge of particular classes. Each half term, we will then review which class has had their light turned off the most when the room is empty, therefore saving the most electricity. This class will then win a prize.

As well as this, we also discussed that our Year 6 committee members would be responsible each week for taking the energy readings of the school. These will then be announced in the weekly Friday assembly. The hope is that with our big emphasis on saving energy that the energy reading will reduce each week.

After this discussion, we then moved on to talk about our next project – creating a compost heap. We researched in our pairs the benefits of having a compost heap in school. We found there to be many benefits, the main being that we would be recycling our fruit waste, which would therefore in time become compost which we can then re-use in our school grounds, rather than to just put our fruit waste in the bin and miss an opportunity to have it recycled.

The Eco-Committee will be creating posters to remind children at playtimes to use new plastic buckets to dispose of their fruit waste. The teacher that is then on duty will then select a helper to empty the buckets into the compost bin.  Please look out for the posters around school!

There will also be a mention of this in assembly to inform children about the compost heap and how to use it.

Switch-Off Fortnight! 

For the next two weeks, Heygreen is taking part in Switch-Off Fortnight!

Switch-Off Fortnight is when we pay even greater attention to ensuring that we turn lights off when they are not in use and to not leave things on standby!

To help us to complete this themed two weeks to the highest standard and with the greatest effort, each class has nominated two switch-off monitors to take responsibility to ensure that their lights are off when in class and that nothing is left on standby.

Starting next week, the Eco-Committee will be taking daily recordings of what classes do and do not leave their lights on when not in use. The class that has their lights off the most at the end of each half term will win a prize.

Below are some of the switch-off monitors throughout the school:

Thank you Lucia!

Many thanks to Lucia, our visiter from a school in Spain, for bringing us these useful gifts.

The first picture is of a recycling bin. Lucia told us that each family has one of these bins to put in all of their food waste. The writing on the bin translates into saying Life doesn’t throw anything away. The second picture is a bag, made from recycled potatoes. This bag goes inside of the bin for the families to fill up with their food waste. When the bin is full, the family would then bring it to the school to empty into the compost bin. All of the waste then eventually turns into compost to then re-use on the school grounds. This is why the quote on the front is very meaningful, as nothing is ever wasted, as the food waste is then turned into something useful again.

The Eco-Committee are hoping to create compost bins in our school, and this will be the focus of discussion in our next working lunch.

First Meeting

Today the Eco-Committee met for the first time to complete an Environmental Review and an Action plan for the school year. 

We discussed what areas we felt would benefit the school and have decided to focus on Energy, Biodiversity and Water. 

After half term we will be meeting to discuss the launch of a competition and Switch Off Fortnight!